Australian Terror on the Way ? – Already Here!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

ISIS terrorist leader, the man who has proclaimed an Islamic Caliphate, Omar al-Shishani, told Sydney radio station 3AW yesterday that Australian terrorist Khaled Sharrouf (about whom One Nation has already been warning Australia) is a “good kid” and applauds his killing and torturing of anyone opposed to their new world order (whilst on an Australian disability pension we might add).

Omar said the jihad “…will continue until the whole world was under the rule of Allah.”

When asked if this included Australia he said yes and that  “…if we can catch any of the boats – we will come to Australia.”

For years now One Nation has implored the Australian government to address the invasion of extremist Islam, via the so-called “refugee pipeline” that has been successful in smuggling thousands of muslim invaders into our country, without a single shot being fired in our defence. Pauline Hanson said “stop the boats” 15 years ago. One Nation have begged ordinary Australians to wake up and see what is happening. But we were called extremists and racists and anything else that might cause insult to us. Labor aided and abetted this invasion, and as such will stand condemned should Australia eventually fall to Islam. Much of Europe will have 50% of the population muslim within 12 years, according to experts. 

The Coalition Government has done the right thing in refusing to allow any boats to land on our soil. We must all support them on this issue and condemn any who try to argue against it. They are either traitors or just ignorant fools. This especially includes the communist Greens!

Australia, the dream is close to over, soon the world will arrive on our doorstep and we will have to get down and dirty, and bloody.



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