Australia Today - and Tomorrow?

Friday, October 31, 2014

We absolutely shudder to think of where we would be right now if Labor had been re-elected last year. Firstly there would be another 30 to 50 thousand illegal muslim 'asylum seekers' living off the tax payer and telling us how much we have to change our attitudes and laws before they will accept us.

The would-be murderers and jihadists that were recently arrested would have been free to commit their murders of innocent Australians and brag about it on social media.

On top of that of course our economy would still be going down the toilet at a rapid rate of knots!

The title of this article would certainly be describing a different situation if Scott Morrison was not the Minister for Border protection. He has, by accepting that the 17 year policy of One Nation does work, turned back every boat, and finally stopped the boats. It wasn’t rocket science, just simple common sense. Why was it impossible to get grown so called intelligent men in government (the previous Labor government that is) to NOT see the bleeding obvious? The biggest reason was because even though they DID know what had to be done, ideologically they could not bring themselves to do it. Could not admit they were WRONG!

Now there is still more to be done, and the Abbott government, whilst a huge improvement on Labor, still have a lot to do if Australia is not to be destroyed by creeping cancerous Islam. Abbott recently proposed to install what he calls “Protective Detention Orders” so he can lock up suspected jihadists before they kill anyone. This is an OK short term solution, but what then? What happens when they are eventually set free, which they will be of course? They will hate the Australian society they already hate, even more. They will be more determined than ever to wage bloody war against us.

Cancel passports AFTER they leave the country. Not before! We do not want them- ever!

The government requires the strength and intelligence to have tactical flexibility and a long term strategic direction, not just short term stop gaps. The solutions we come up with now will set the path for all future generations of Australians. The policies which NEED to be implemented must find their way through the confusion of political correctness, media contradictions, 6pm news polls every night, the shrill screams of supposed intolerance and idiotic race hate-laws, which greet the government any time a minority feels offended or slighted in some way.

Australia is the greatest nation on earth. We want it to remain so, as one great nation (One Nation under God) and not a bunch of warring hated filled tribes and conflicting multiple cultures.

Muslims were happy here for the last 100 years with no special treatment, and that’s why they were happy, they were treated like anyone else.  One law, one culture, one standard, one set of rules, one set of universal values, one government which protected us, in fact we were one nation. But no longer, and we are the poorer, more intolerant and more at risk because of it.

We must again become one united decent nation, with the rule of law and Christian values, not Islamic values. But time is running out. Let us pray Abbott and company have the raw courage to do what is needed. Offend the minority if we must, if we are to save Australia!

So far only One Nation has openly questioned the wisdom of the failed multi-cultural (not multi racial) experiment that was thrust upon us without our permission and the resulting Islamic cancer that is now openly pledging and acting to destroy us and our legacy.



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