Australia Says Ban Halal Tax

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Australian consumers are rapidly learning that supermarkets across the country, are saturating their pantries with halal certified products. The products are designed to meet standards in accordance with Islamic law and does not restrict itself to just food and drink, but also all matters of daily life.

Leader of the One Nation Party, Pauline Hanson says the Islamic law is being forced upon 98% of non Muslim Australians and wants to know, at what cost?

“Australian’s don’t handle religion being forced upon them at the best of times. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a Christian preacher spruiking the word of god down the Queens Street Mall or Jehovah Witness knocking on your door over the weekend. Australian’s don’t like it.”

According to the 2011 census, Muslims make up just 2.2% of the Australian population. Ms Hanson says these figures do not justify supermarkets forcing religious and Islamic law upon the majority of Aussies.

“Could you imagine if we imposed the blessing of all foods with holy water on Islamic countries? There would be outrage.”

Ms Hanson is also concerned at the cost implications consumers are being forced to pay, as well as the validity of the certifying organisations . “It appears Halal Australia shares the same ABN as a Psychology practice and Travel company. There is no Government regulatory body, no transparency on where the funds are being dispersed and no mention on their website of how much the certification will cost without first paying a non refundable application fee and site inspection.”

The practice of halal slaughter has already been banned in Denmark, Sweden and Norway as well as other European nations. Ms Hanson believes some Australian companies are being extorted hundreds of thousands of dollars for the certification, in order to remain on supermarket shelves.

“I find it offensive to think I’m buying an iconic brand like Vegemite or Cadbury that are now halal certified, so I’ve made my own decision to stop buying these products, and I am aware of many other Australian’s following in my footsteps”.

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation is calling for a ban to be placed on all companies and businesses operating in Australia, being forced to pay for halal certification.

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