Aged Pension Increase

Friday, August 09, 2013

Our older Australians have done it tough over the past decades. Larger families compared to today’s numbers were the norm, men were the main bread winners and life was a struggle. Many of our parents and grandparents fought in wars, worked hard to provide for their families and paid their taxes. Those that had the opportunity saved what they could, went without, invested or ran successful businesses.

Australia grew and prospered because Australians contributed to its growth. Unemployment in 1960 was approximately 2%, welfare and handouts was not a way of life.

With living costs, government taxes increasing, housing unaffordable for many and rising rents, hospitalisation for medical procedures well beyond our governments’ ability to provide where necessary, are some of the problems our aged are facing on a daily bases.

Australia’s aged pensioners need to be treated with more respect and dignity. It is an absolute disgrace when many are left at the mercy of our government to survive as best they can. Escalating electricity costs have made many afraid to put a heater on in winter or a fan on in summer. Others eat frugally and cannot afford to buy a decent piece of steak let alone go out for lunch or dinner. A lot of our aged pensioners rely on relatives for support, helping them pay bills or giving food just to survive.

One Nation proposes an increase of $100 per fortnight for a single aged pensioner and $150 for a couple. 

One Nation believes in supporting and taking care of our own, who have contributed to this great nation and not those who land uninvited on our doorstep and immediately receive medical, welfare, housing, phones, and cigarettes.

Pauline Hanson



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