ADF Undermining Democracy

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

On Monday 25th January, Ben Fordham from 2GB, aired a segment regarding the ADF that will shock you. The Australian Defence Force has brought out material on its website which supports the overthrowing of our government.

A 'help' guide for Muslims has been issued to help them understand the Islamic faith but the information that the website linked to condones overthrowing the Australian government and killing our democracy. The material has been online for a year but was recently taken down after a journalist, Michael Smith, found it and brought it to light.

There is no doubt our democracy and freedom is being undermined, from the one government department we thought was there for our safety, protection and security. If we cannot rely on our defence force, then we are finished as a democratic nation, and will be taken over from within.

During a phone call today, Ben Fordham informed Pauline Hanson that the Defence Minister Marise Payne has not responded with a comment. 

This cannot be swept under the carpet. If the Defence Minister is too gutless to answer how and why, this was promoted on the Defence Force web page, then we call on the Prime Minister to do so. If either one fails to answer the Australian people, then the Governor General Peter Cosgrove as commander-in Chief of the Australian Defence Force and former Defence Chief has a duty to the Australian people to investigate.


Please share this article and bombard the Defence Minister and Prime Minister's office demanding answers.

Once again, we call for a Royal Commission in to Islam. It is not purely a religion but a totalitarian political ideology to undermine our democracy.
Followers of Islam with their beliefs are infiltrating and getting in to positions of power and leadership roles to change this country forever.

Listen to the full 2GB segment here.

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