Abbott's Maternity Leave

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

While Joe Hockey is telling us the time to tighten our belts is here, the free ride is over, the lavish government spending is over, the “give me” mentality has to stop, retirement age has to go up, our publicly owned assets must be sold, Tony Abbott wants to pay the highest paid women in the country more money than all other women…to have a baby and stay home.

No money at all for the struggling full time stay at home mothers who are the backbone of our children’s future, while their husbands struggle to support them on a single salary. No, give the employed women, who chose to follow whatever career they’re in, six months leave at full pay, at the rate of up to $150,000 per annum.

So, the poorest families get less, the wealthiest get more, at a time when the expenses of a new baby can put a real strain on family finances of those on low incomes.  Do babies from wealthy families eat more food, use more nappies, cost more? Why do the wealthy need more money to care for and feed a baby than the poor?

Why is it that Abbott and Hockey MUST punish those least able to bear the impost, while increasing the help to the wealthy? As usual, the big end of town controls the Liberal Party. Tax the poor, tax breaks for the rich. Sounds only fair!

Sell our assets then we ALL pay more for water, power, and everything else we already owned, BEFORE the Government sold it to a profit making foreign company that cares little about the Australian people but only making more money and bigger profits, at our expense. Yes that will really help struggling families!

They say the country cannot afford to raise the pay of the lowest paid workers more than a couple of lousy percent (we all just saw our premier take a 24% pay rise) yet apparently we can afford to pay BILLIONS in maternity leave. I would be happy to see some money go to the lowest paid workers who have a new baby, but for the wealthiest in the land…NO!  As they said, we cannot afford it.

If a woman who earns $150,000 plus a year (and no doubt in most cases there’s an income producing husband there as well) cannot afford to have a baby..well I don’t believe it. If your job is so important, don’t have a baby, leave it to those who would love their child enough to prioritize it over a job.

A husband has a duty to provide for his wife and his children, not the taxpayer. Help the lowest paid for sure, or give them a higher income, or a lower tax rate, there are ways to help the poor other than giving everything to the wealthy. How about a better distribution of help where it is most needed?

Abbott is about to cost the nation billions of dollars (which we don’t have by his and Joe Hockey’s own admission), just because he was labelled a misogynist during the election campaign, and he came up with this madness just to try to prove he wasn’t!  

By Jim Savage
State President
One Nation Qld.



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