A Mans Word, Is It His Bond? Not With Barnaby Joyce or The Nationals

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

By Jim Savage - QLD Senate Candidate
Barnaby Joyce was the Nationals Senate candidate in the 2004 election. He paraded up and down Qld declaring he would oppose the further sale of Telstra, if elected. In 1997 Pauline Hanson as the member for Oxley fought against the sale of Telstra and this was One Nations policy. Based on Barnaby’s platform, One Nation agreed to give him our second preference. Because of this and only this, One Nation’s preferences gave Barnaby his Senate seat. In return for our support the Nationals placed One Nation LAST in the distribution of preferences. 

Barnaby didn’t keep his promise to the people of Queensland and voted for the sale of Telstra. 

In the lead up to the last federal election 2010, Barnaby came to our office in Beenleigh and personally asked for One Nation to preference Bret Mason, the National’s Senate candidate for Queensland. We agreed and shook hands on it. I know because it was my hand he shook. He promised to do better than the disgusting deal he gave us last time on preferences, for which he apologised (yes, crocodile tears I know).

As it turned out the Nationals once again placed One Nation LAST (I think it was 77th out of 77). Again, our preferences got a National candidate elected this time Bret Mason. Without One Nation preferences the Green's candidate would have got in, not Mason. Mason rang Ian Nelson (One Nation state executive member) the following day and thanked One Nation for getting him elected. This he now denies, saying he has NEVER spoken to anyone from One Nation, at any time. 

One Nation was a very big threat and still is to the Nationals. In 1998 One Nation polled 8.99% of the national senate vote compared to the Nationals 1.86%. Why, because they were too busy licking the boots of the Liberals to fight for farmers and grassroots Australians they took for granted. It was only when Pauline Hanson and One Nation came on the scene did they realised their jobs were at stake. Instead of working with us the Nationals along with the Liberals have worked to destroy an ally by supporting Labor, Greens and Democrats before One Nation when it comes to preferences.

With the National Party’s, National Conference on the horizon will the membership support their executive giving preferences to the Labor and Greens before One Nation in the coming election? Will they even have a say?

All the political parties have taken a lot of One Nations policies, hence we are not the extreme party they would want people to believe. One Nation has always aligned our preferences with the political parties that we believe represent the best interest for Australians and Australia. We will no longer be taken for granted with our support or preferences. Australia and its people is our first preference.  

- Jim Savage 



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