98% Of Us Must Give Up Our Freedoms Because Of 2%?

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The government talks about the economy, unemployment, employment, exports, trade, cost of living, standard of living, education, health and the general wellbeing of our society and the nation as a whole. Unfortunately all this will be meaningless and soon gone if Islamic ideology is applied to the Australian society. Would you start refurnishing the Titanic as it was sinking?

Tony Abbott recently said that we all must give up some of our freedoms to allow the government to protect us from radical extremists in our midst. Of course he is referring to MUSLIM extremists, he simply is too cowardly to say so, for fear of offending them and losing votes in key seats. 

On the 9th October the West Australian police commissioner met with muslim leaders to try to “break down cultural barriers” and to encourage muslims to join the police force. What cultural barriers? The government has been promoting multiculturalism for decades (since Gough Whitlam and Malcolm Fraser started the whole process). Now they are saying we need to “break down” these barriers. Barriers which they themselves have promoted for so long. Pauline Hanson and One Nation warned of this coming division in our society 17 years ago, the “barriers” the police commissioner is now trying to break down. They were warned!

One Nation believes in a multi-racial society, but not a multi-cultural society. Big difference. Any race is welcomed here, but the culture we observe in Australia is Australian culture. We are, and must always be, One Nation only, not many! Divided we fall….

The Hizb ut-Tahrir , an organisation banned in Europe as a “terrorist hate” group, which freely operates in Australia, is openly, via their spokesman Wassim Doueihi, condemning Australia’s humanitarian efforts in the middle east and encouraging open resistance to our government’s policies. He said “as muslims we have a FIXED moral compass”, in other words they will NOT change their views. 

U.K. terrorist expert Mr. Haras Rafiq says this organisation preaches for and extolls a “totalitarian fascist Islamic state”. Why do we allow these dangerous radicals to openly preach this garbage in Australia, while our own government is cutting the freedoms of the ordinary law abiding decent Australians?

It is time we make it impossible for anti-Australian forces to operate in this country. Let’s limit the freedoms of the bad guys, and not the good guys. If we cannot charge and jail people like Wassim Doueihi under our current laws, then make NEW LAWS and get him in jail. Our Foreign Minister said she had cancelled over 100 passports to prevent young radical going overseas to fight and murder. So what do these people do now? They want to kill and fight but cannot get out of the country. Now they can only satisfy their desire to kill for the glory of Allah by doing it here in Australia. I say give them all their passports back, on the condition they leave, and then cancel the passports the minute they are out of the country. Let them stay over “there” and get themselves killed, never to return. 

Let’s ban the burqa, let’s ban muslim only swimming pools, ban charging companies to have halal certification.  Halal killing of animals violates our prevention of cruelty laws in any case and should be banned for that reason alone. We must degrade the influence of Islam in Australia, and stop promoting it. As we all know Islam is not a true pure religion, it is a socio-political and cultural organisation hiding behind a thin veneer of religion. It is often hateful and dangerous.

The decent well behaved muslims unfortunately cannot and will not stop the radicals from their chosen path, it has never happened anywhere. Look at almost every European country that has had its society turned on it’s head because the influence of radical Islamic migrants. What role did the decent muslims play in this, to prevent this from happening? None!

It is time to STOP THE ROT. The decent muslims, for their own good and that of all other Australians, must pay a small price for their, and our, continued survival.

Muslims number 2% of Australia’s population, about half a million. Is it not better for them to have certain restrictions placed on them, than restrictions placed on the remaining 98%, or 24.5 million Australians? These restrictions, as such, are no more than doing no more or less than what the rest of us do already. Many muslims fled to Australia for our culture and safety, so they cannot complain if we allow them to practice what they came to seek.

If Australia allows muslims to continue their cultural practices, which most Australians find confronting (including our own prime minister) and offensive at times, then Australia will eventually, with the large numbers of children born to muslim families (average 9) become an Islamic state. Then I ask, where will all the disaffected victims of Islam go then? Which country will be left for them to flee to once they start killing each other again (like back at home)? To flee from the barbarism of their own culture (religion?) which brought them to Australia in the first place?

Australians must decide, do we want to continue down the path Europe has gone, and now bitterly regrets (too late) or take charge of our future? Better to offend 2% of the population now than to see our great country fall to Islamic rule, and pray you don’t have daughters. Get tough or surrender, to hell with political correctness, it will be the death of us.



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