24 Million - Third World Growth

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Australia's population has just reached 24 million, 17 years ahead of the Bureau of Statistics modelling. For a Government organisation, the Bureau’s public record disclosure is severely inadequate, making it almost impossible for any Government or opposition to map a future plan for this nation.

What we can ascertain from the site, is that Australia has been growing at a rate of 1.9% per year over previous years, faster than most other developed countries and many developing countries. America and Canada had a growth rate of 1.0%, while the UK and France had a growth rate of 0.5% per year. Japan is projected to have negative growth as the number of deaths exceed the number of births in the country. Elsewhere in the Asia-Pacific, New Zealand had growth lower than the world average at 0.9% as did China at 0.6%.

So, where does that leave Australia in the future you ask? As you can appreciate, we now have some trust issues with the Australian Bureau of Statistics, so we did our own calculations based on a 1.9% increase to Australia’s population each year...

2016 - 24,000,000
2017 - 24,456,000
2018 - 24,920,664
2019 - 25,394,156
2020 - 25,876,644
2021 - 26,368,300
2022 - 26,869,297
2023 - 27,379,813
2024 - 27,900,029
2024 - 28,430,129
2025 - 28,970,301
2026 - 29,520,736
2027 - 30,081,629
2028 - 30,653,179
2029 - 31,235,589
2030 - 31,829,065
2031 - 32,433,817
2032 - 33,050,059
2033 - 33,678,010
2034 - 34,317,892
2035 - 34,969,931
2036 - 35,634,359

Our cities are in chaos and yet figures indicate we’re set for another 5 million people in less than 10 years. Governments have neither the finances nor vision to address these ever-increasing numbers. Job queues are lengthening, as are our hospitals, nursing homes and school waiting lists. Add to this the strain on our sewerage, water and electricity. Our roads are more commonly congested, to a point where morning radio and tv traffic reports refer to major arterials as parking lots.

We must insist on governance that implements a ‘Zero Net’ immigration policy to ensure a growth strategy that is financially achievable.
A halt to all refugee numbers is a must. Those coming from Syria, Northern Africa and all other muslim nations do not serve to bring this nation forward, only backwards.

Germany alone, has admitted the refugee dilemma within their country will cost approximately $32.5 billion AUD. Germany’s Institute of Economic Research has called for flexibility on the minimum wage €8.50 ($13.00 AUD), insisting that the rate is a hinderance to hiring non skilled workers.

How long will it take before Australia uses refugees as an excuse to lower our minimum wages?

As we have always maintained, immigration in large numbers is not in our best interest for quality of life and standard of living.

Clean up our own backyard first, keep it in order, and if our neighbours can’t do the same we don’t intend to do it for them at the expense of the Australian people - they can live in the mess they created!



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